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Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Report!

Happy to say the show at Unicoi State Park was FABULOUS! Where did all those people come from??My location was great. Even the lighting did not suck too badly..No complaints and it is relatively close to home. Met many nice people and had some lovely booth neighbors. Yeah- I am soooo excited!!! Clearly a lot more mermaid bangles are in order..Big Hit..Next show is in Woodstock GA the first weekend in March. They are now offering indoor spaces so I will give it a try. Bear in the Square in Dahlonega and Decatur Art Festival are off the show list as they do not understand fabulous..Their loss. I have added a Dunwoody show Lemonade Days for the April 21 and 22 slot and I am researching May shows so check back on the show list. Thanks everyone!! Lou

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